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Kava Root

      Researched published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, suggests that the consumption of the root of Piper methysticum, or kava, may prevent the development of tobacco smoke-induced lung cancer. In a recent study by the University of Minnesota and Texas Tech University exploration was made on the effects of a certain blend or preparation of kava […]


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See How St. Johns Wort can help you, your clients, and your business.     stjohnswortfinal (Converted) from Boli Naturals on Vimeo.  



PhytoCeramides: A Ceramide is the main component of a healthy stratum corneum. Ceramides protect the skin from infection and retain moisture by creating an impermeable barrier between the skin and harmful microorganisms. As we age, our skin has a break down in ceramides and collagen. Ceramides aid in moisture retention and collagen support which together […]