Kava Root Study Shows Promise in Lung Cancer Research

Kava Root




Researched published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, suggests that the consumption of the root of Piper methysticum, or kava, may prevent the development of tobacco smoke-induced lung cancer.

In a recent study by the University of Minnesota and Texas Tech University exploration was made on the effects of a certain blend or preparation of kava root and lung cancer in mice. It was concluded that the extract may have the potential to reduce the risk of lung cancer in humans. There were also naturally occuring components of kava that can be beneficial for preventing lung cancer.

There is a proposal that these findings would explain the low rate of cancer in the South Pacific Islands, Vanatu, Fiji and Western Samoa, all of which traditionally consume kava.

Although these studies use only a certain preparation of kava, hope is on the horizon for a more healthy, kava laden world.






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