The Simple Power of Berries


Summer is the best time to get fresh fruits and vegetables, including berries! There’s nothing quite like the taste of a fresh-picked raspberry exploding in your mouth. Did you know that the natural compound in this fruit which creates such a delicious smell and taste can also help you lose weight? Research has shown that raspberry ketone can help you lose weight, especially when paired with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Raspberry Ketone is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. The ketone compound regulates Adiponectin, a hormone used by the body to regulate metabolism. Raspberry Ketone causes the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster. These ketones can be extracted from the fruit and hydrogenated to be taken as a dietary supplement. To get the same benefit from the fruit itself, you’d have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries (for every 100mg of Raspberry Ketone)!

Dr. Oz labeled Raspberry Ketone as “the number one miracle in a bottle” and since then, the product has been a popular weight-loss supplement. Dr. Oz has endorsed the dietary supplement as a safe and effective way to lose weight and obtain the healthy body you desire. Whether you’re looking to tone up or drop a few pounds, Raspberry Ketone is an excellent and healthy way to enhance your exercise and diet routine. For more information on our Raspberry Ketone, click here!